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Rapto Worx Hi Lift Jack Base to the rescue.......

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A customer that lives in Eastern Oregon was sure happy to have one of our Hi Lift Jack Bases with him while he was out running around in the mountains.  With the heavy snow that the Pacific Northwest has received this past winter things are still quite muddy and messy in the mountains.  And as you can tell from the photo's you know your stuck pretty good when you have chains, chainsaws, and multiple vehicles that are coming to your rescue.  Its these exact situations why we designed and built our Hi Lift Jack Base.  It can be a rare occasion when you need a Hi Lift Jack and an even rarer occasion when you need to use our Jack Base on the bottom of said jack, but when you need it - you really need it.  As is the case on this particular day when things are wet, muddy and slippery, Hi Lift Jacks can be quite treacherous; there's a reason we call them 'widow makers'.  Having our base attached to the jack can ad a lot of comfort and security to an already stressful situation.  As you can also see in one of the pictures that the jack was placed on top of a piece of wood to prevent the jack from sinking further into the ground.  The cleats around the perimeter of the jack base are put there specifically to dig in and grip wood or any other material that my be used in an emergency.  

I hear that our customer made it out safely which is some great news.  I also think our customer should get a few props for running around the mountains in a classic old school four-wheel drive with vintage hi lift jack as well. What do you think??? 

Customizing our Billet JK Grab Handles with Paracord

Here is a great How-To article on customizing some of our Billet JK Grab Handles with a trick paracord wrap.

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Rapto Worx attends the 49th annual Sierra Trek

We attended the 49th annual Sierra Trek put on by the California 4-Wheel Drive Association this last weekend and let me tell you....These guys put on an AMAZING event!!!!!  They have a host of different trail runs available in varying degrees of difficulty.  You can bring your own food for the weekend or you can [...]

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Rapto Worx attends the W.E. Rock rock crawling competition in Goldendale Washington.

Well we made the drive North to Goldendale Washington for the season closer of the Western States rock crawling competition.  It was a nail-biter between Tracy Jordan and Jesse Haines as both of them had an opportunity to win and clinch the western title.  As we now know Tracy Jordan finished with the win but [...]

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World Extreme Rock Crawling Competition

If you haven't heard or been to a World Extreme Rock Crawling Competition you are certainly missing out.  The Unlimited Class is pushing and redefining the limit's of rock crawling as we know it.  Whether it be complete front and rear steer vehicles, 4 Cylinder Eco-Tech engines or huge 500 hp LSX engines, there are [...]

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Rapto Worx attends the vendor show for the 2016 Jeepers Jamboree

We had a great day on Wednesday for the 64th annual running of the Jeepers Jamboree in Georgetown, CA.  There were plenty of four wheel drive vendors there; and the food vendors were amazing.  We had a full day talking with everyone about our products.  We even had one our marketing partners vehicles on display [...]

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Jeepers Jamboree Georgetown 2016

Well everyone, we are headed off to the 64th Anual Jeepers Jamboree tomorrow.  We will be exhibiting in downtown Georgetown, right across from the Jeepers Jamboree office.  Come stop by and take a look at some of our new products that haven't been released yet. you guys there!!!

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New Jeep JK Grab Handles

We have added a Clear Anodized process to our line of JK Grab handles. Right now the Front Grab handles are in stock and can ship immediately!!!! The Rear and Center Handles will be available early next week. Thanks!

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Rapto Worx attends the W.E. Rock rock crawling competition at Donner Summit

Rapto Worx was at the World Extreme Rock Crawling Competition this last weekend at Donner Summit.  If you haven't been to one of these events you need to check it out.  There are classes from stock type vehicles to custom specific built vehicles that defy your current understanding of rock crawling.Take a look at the [...]

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Rapto Worx attends the W.E. Rock rock crawling competition in Cedar City

We made it to Cedar City!!!  Let me tell you, this is a very fun W.E. Rock event to go to.  All of the rock crawling competitions are spread out just far enough to give everyone room to enjoy all of the different competitive classes.  And when it comes to the Unlimited, or moon-buggy class, [...]

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