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World Extreme Rock Crawling Competition

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If you haven't heard or been to a World Extreme Rock Crawling Competition you are certainly missing out.  The Unlimited Class is pushing and redefining the limit's of rock crawling as we know it.  Whether it be complete front and rear steer vehicles, 4 Cylinder Eco-Tech engines or huge 500 hp LSX engines, there are many different engineering approaches to take on this competitive sport.

But it's also a competition that not solely focused on ultra expensive purpose built buggies, there are also sportsman classes as well.  In these classes you can take your normal weekend crawler to these events to compete. This gives you an opportunity to see where your rig stacks up in comparison to others that you would see on the trail.

Here is an article that was published about the W.E. Rock event a few weeks ago at Donner Ski Ranch here in Northern California: