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Hi Lift Jack Base


Our Hi Lift Jack Base was designed to help stabilize a jack that we call – Widow Makers.  The high lift jack base attaches directly to the foot of the Hi-Lift Jack and is secured by two ¾” cross pins, which completely contain the base onto the foot of the Hi-Lift Jack. The Hi Lift Jack Base measures approximately 9 ½” x 12 ½” and is the perfect attachment for assisting in any off road recovery in soft terrain.  The bottom flange of the jack base is strengthened up by internal shear plates to help prevent any spreading of the base due to un-even loading.  We have also placed notches, or cleats, on the perimeter of the base flange.  We did this to provide even more security of the jack system by offering a means for the jack base to dig into softer materials, such as logs, boards, vegetation, or anything that you can use to increase the surface area under the lifting system, thereby increasing jack stability.  We offer two versions of our off-road jack base, steel or aluminum.  Both versions are manufactured from 3/16” plate.  The steel versions have been MIG welded and then nickel plated for rust prevention.  The aluminum versions have been TIG welded and left in the natural material condition.

Steel:        14 Pounds
Aluminum:   5 Pounds